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Tai Chi (literally translated as ‘the supreme ultimate’) has been practised for centuries as an enjoyable, calming yet invigorating health art. It is a holistic exercise in that it helps restore both physical and mental health by rejuvenating the natural energy of the body (called ‘chi’ or ‘qi’) whilst simultaneously gently toning and conditioning the body and keeping it flexible.

It is often also called ‘moving meditation’ – which is quite an accurate description of what it can feel like and what you can experience with practice.

Sometimes resembling a beautiful dance in slow-motion, sometimes resembling a slowed-down martial art*, it is suitable for people of any age due to its adaptability to the flexibility of the person, and its non-reliance on prior physical strength and fitness. It’s movements create very low impact on joints, so it makes it ideal for older as well as younger people to practice.


Many of the health benefits which practioners of this art have enjoyed for centuries in the East are now being backed up by numerous scientific studies in the West. I am very happy (not just because more people come to my classes) because this has really helped tai chi to become more well known and also respected by western medicine. 

* Tai chi is not practised as a martial art in my classes listed here, but as a means of promoting health, relaxation and well-being.

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